According to a report in Dawn, Interim Commerce Minister Dr. Gohar Ijaz, more than 1,600 textile mills closed across the nation in the previous sixteen months.

The minister emphasised that industries spanning the whole value chain—from ginning, weaving, spinning, and processing to garment manufacturing—were shut down, according to a story in Dawn. He continued by saying that several industries were also producing at lower levels.

According to the trade minister, the textile and apparel industry has had impacts on about 20% of its total installed capacity during the past 16 months.

According to the minister, the government is putting the finishing touches on a strategy plan to offer regionally competitive energy pricing, working capital support, prompt refund reimbursements, improved market access, and product diversification.

In accordance to the minister, the policy report kistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), Pakistan’s exports in August 2023 totaled 2.36 billion, down 4.8 percent from the $2.48 billion in exports recorded in August 2022 yet up 14.3 percent in the $2.07 billion in exports recorded the month before.

The growth month over month was attributed by the minister of commerce to the success of the caretaker government’s programmes. It is crucial to note that the Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar’s caretaker members of the government took the oath of office on August 17.